We receive many questions regarding the event, however answers to frequently asked questions are below. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact us through the contact us page.

When should I arrive at New Holstein Airport?

The fly-in officially begins on Friday, July 22, 2022. Some folks arrive before that but be please be advised…we might put you to work because we’ll be preparing and setting up for the event. You can come and go as you like during the week, as the camping fees are charged on a daily basis. BE ADVISED THERE IS NO INFRASTRUCTURE (i.e. FOOD, TRANSPORTATION, ETC.) UNTIL FRIDAY!

When should I leave?

The event will end on Wednesday, July 27, 2022 after breakfast. Our last planned meal will be breakfast on Wednesday. However, just like AirVenture, your schedule will dictate when you come and go.

Where can I stay?

The New Holstein SuperCub Fly-In is a camping event. There is access to showers in the airport terminal, porta potties near the camping area and restrooms in the FBO. When camping in Wisconsin in July, you need to be prepared for hot/cold/rainy/humid/dry/any kind of weather along with possible high winds!

There is ONE motel in the town of New Holstein, the Starlite, if you wish to try that option. Their phone number is 920.898.4265. Make your reservation as soon as possible since this is a small motel. NOTE: we WILL NOT provide or coordinate pick up or drop off transportation. There are local transportation services but you’ll need to do your own research if you need this accommodation.

If you’re driving, or have planned for other transportation, there is a Best Western hotel in Chilton. There phone number is 920.849.3600. NOTE: we WILL NOT provide or coordinate pick up or drop off transportation. There are local transportation services but you’ll need to do your own research if you need this accommodation.

Can I bring a motor home / RV / camper?

Yes! We’re still a small enough group that we have room for some motor home / RV / campers but THERE ARE VERY LIMITED HOOKUPS AD THERE ARE NO WASTEWATER FACILITIES ON-SITE. If you’re planning on bringing a “big rig” PLEASE let us know so we can plan the space for you. There is a $40/day fee for electrical hook-up. Also, plan on all of the tent campers hanging out with you in your motor home if it rains (i.e. have plenty of cold beer and snacks on hand).

Do I need a car while I’m there?

The event has been organized so that it’s not necessary to rent a vehicle while you’re there. In fact, the closest car rental business is about 25 miles from the airport. Shower facilities and meals will be available on site. However, if you want to explore the local area or think you’ll need to run an errand, you’ll need to make your own arrangements for a vehicle.

How big is this event?

In 2016, there were 60+ total aircraft over the course of the week. If the weather cooperates, we anticipate between 60 – 80 aircraft over the course of the week. Make sure you REGISTER, in advance, if you plan on coming. It helps us plan and provide the best experience for everyone.

Can I bring children?

Yes! Kids really enjoy seeing airplanes and talking with pilots about flying. HOWEVER, at all times you are required to supervise, be in control and be responsible for any children you bring to the event. Be advised that moving airplanes, campfires, story-telling and other situations require you to be responsible for and keep track of your children. There are no baby-sitting services available at the event.

Can I bring my pet?

NO! We do not allow any pets (i.e. dogs, cats, horses, etc.) at the event. There are airplanes, vehicles and people moving around all the time. It’s not a safe environment for pets to be brought into. We appreciate your cooperation.

Can I fly in to the event in a non-SuperCub aircraft?

Although attendance is not limited to SuperCubs and other similar taildraggers, this is the kind of participation we encourage. There is a hard surface runway and there are asphalt tie-down spots near the FBO for tricycle gear aircraft or aircraft with small tires. You can still camp in the main area even if it’s not possible to have your plane in the grassy area. All Tricycle Gear Aircraft Will Park On the Main Ramp.

What should I bring?

AIRCRAFT TIE-DOWNS*, sunscreen, bug spray, rain gear, waterproof tent, flashlight, warm & cool clothes (for hot days/cool nights), towel, soap, shampoo, toiletries, earplugs (if you’re a light sleeper), snacks to tide you over between group meals, drinks (if you wish), positive attitude and patience.

*It can get very windy in Wisconsin in July. In 2007, there was a very powerful storm that moved through the area. The only plane that had a problem was one that was NOT properly tied down (and the one next to it). The Claw, Flyties and other tie-down systems work great. Do NOT skimp on tie downs!

Can I bring fireworks?

Please DO NOT bring fireworks of any kind. Fireworks and airplanes don’t mix well.

How will I get to AirVenture in Oshkosh?

There will be a professionally driven school bus that will go ONCE to AirVenture on MONDAY ONLY. The round trip cost is $40/person. You will board the bus from the New Holstein Airport on Monday morning for Oshkosh and return via the bus from Oshkosh to New Holstein Airport in the early evening.

Can I buy fuel at the New Holstein Airport?

100LL is available at the New Holstein Airport offering 24 hour self-service credit card only purchases.

What will I eat?

During the event…

  • Breakfast – might be a fly-out, might be provided by EAA or might be served on-site (plan accordingly)
  • LunchALL ARE ON YOUR OWN; there may be someone with a car that might run a group into town but you are responsible for your own lunches (please plan accordingly)
  • Dinner – each evening of the event, a group dinner will be catered or prepared on-site. These meals will be paid for by each individual. The meals are chosen to be as tasty and economical as possible. If you have special dietary restrictions, please plan your own meals accordingly.
How much is this going to cost me?
  • Camping/Parking: $30 per airplane/tent/campsite per day (this pays for the fly-in infrastructure, porta potties, dumpsters, insurance, etc.); $40/day for electrical hook-up.
  • Dinner: $20 per person paid in advance (so we can plan with caterers, etc.)
  • Bus to AirVenture: Available MONDAY ONLY – $40 per person roundtrip from New Holstein Airport to Oshkosh
  • Aviation fuel and fly-outs will be at your own expense; plan accordingly.
Will I have cell phone service or internet at the event?

Most people haven’t had an issue with cell phone service if you use one of the major cell phone providers. Check your provider coverage map for details. As for internet, the New Holstein Airport is located in a small rural community so you’ll likely need to rely on you cell phone for internet or a friend’s hotspot.

Are there organized fly-outs?

Fly-out details and information will be provided at the event. See Randy Corfman, Steve Lewis or Lou Furlong.

Will there be any contests?

No – there will not be any contests. If weather permits, there will be a STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) exhibition on SUNDAY for the New Holstein Airport Day. There will be no prize. Attendees should bring a chair, sunscreen, hat, ear protection (if you wish) and water to drink (if you wish).